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Thursday, September 07, 2006


I often wonder how I might be able to get to experience the things I love most – sex, film and politics - simultaneously. Last night I managed to, and the combination was some of the best 102 minutes I have ever had (bar my ex using a vibrator inside me whilst fucking me up the arse).

I went to a preview of a new movie, Shortbus. If there is one film that ideologically is the moving-image-version of my blog, this was it: challenging stereotypes about sex, sexuality and relationships, with warmth, hilarity and melancholic introspection. It’s just brilliant: I was completely stunned by its originality (and it made me want to jump on a plane straightaway and emigrate to New York: my kind of people, clearly).

Now, I’m no movie reviewer and have no interest in plugging something for the hell of it, but this film is so good, I want to see it again immediately. And not because of the graphic, real, (and penetrative) sex (passed uncut by the censors – hurrah!) but the multi-dimensional story is superb; the juxtaposition of humour and sadness of the various characters and their loves, desires, and wants, is entrancing. Plus, it’s well written, the direction is sharp as hell, and the acting is phenomenal. Add on a wonderful score, beautiful production design, and fantastic animation, and you have one amazing movie – it is the most refreshing, boundary pushing, transgressive thing I have seen in years: I love it. (And the scene involving the American National Anthem being sung whilst giving anilingus almost made me wet my pants laughing).

If you don’t believe me about how good this film is, watch the trailer:

It’s out in the US 6th October and in the UK 1st December. I highly recommend seeing it.


See, I'm not the only one who thinks this film is fantastic. And if you're quick off the mark to buy tickets, you can now see it earlier than everyone else, at the London Film Festival on 24th October. (No, I'm not getting paid to plug this movie; I just happen to think it is fucking great, that it is revolutionary in its vision of sexuality, and that it is definitely worth watching due to the great story and superb acting.)

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